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Master the English language anywhere you are in the world for 


International classes that prepare students and teachers for a global society 

a connected world

With every part of the world increasingly connecting, students and teachers like you throughout the globe need to be ready for the expanding global market. Communicating through a common English language is a key tool for success. While the English language can be acquired from prior/current education or experience, there is something missing in most learning environments. The missing component is: culture.


Here at BeGlobl, we are creating an environment that integrates culture into the learning experience. We bring together students from all around the world and teach English using cross-cultural skills, because understanding one another goes beyond a written language only. Teachers, on the other hand, benefit by gaining access to tools that help build project-based curricula that servers students that come from different backgrounds or cultures. Staying connecting and teaching the new generation begins here. 

How it works

At BeGlobl, we help students and teachers around the world achieve success in the English language. Whether they are learning it as a requirement to enter a university in the US, advancing in a new skill, or having teach it to an international classroom, we have something for everyone.


Acquire English Language for Career or College Preparation

Build the academic English skills required to take the TOEFL/IELTS exam or to pursue a career path where professional English language is a requirement. BeGlobl offers you with a positive, cross-cultural community that strengthens your ability to communicate and succeed in a global environment. 


Learn English in an International Environment (K-12 Students)

Join an online international classroom with 6-10 students located around the world and discover a new way to learn English in a global collaborative environment. At BeGlobl we introduce a project-based approach to learning that will prepare you for the global market and society by developing technology, research, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.


Train as a Teacher for K-12 Education 

Gain a plethora of new knowledge and access to valuable resources on delivering a general curriculum to ELL students to help them achieve their future academic and career goals using a project-based approach. At BeGlobl, you will learn how to incorporate academic, social, and emotional strategies to build your teaching capacity and help your students acquire the English language.



I am Dr. Mirela Zemani  with a PhD in Curriculum and Instructional Leadership. I have taught and learned in different countries, and in the process have learned how important it is to learn with people around the world in order to achieve success. Working and studying in different countries enable me to understand that we building our linguistic skills in English is crucial as it is one of the common languages used to communicate in our global society.

By building a global curriculum, I want to help international students around the world become global citizens. In my experience, blending the curricula and teaching approaches from different countries can help students build their cross-cultural and linguistic proficiency skills in English to meet their complex needs. 

My teaching philosophy consists of a learner-centered approach where I create a curriculum and deliver instructions according to learners' needs. Additionally, I believe that learners construct their English language through a meaningful project-based learning approach. This helps them become critical thinkers, innovative problem-solvers and team-workers with the ability to use their knowledge and skills to the fullest in their future pursuits.


Our Services


College/Career Preparation Course

- Prepare for TOEFL/IELTS Exam
- Prepare for the global market using U.S curricula
- Develop professional English language for a work environment
- Increase self-esteem and self-efficacy in the English language
- Be able to communicate effectively in a global environment

International Classroom Course

- Build knowledge and skills in English in a global collaborative learning environment
- Join a classroom with students from around the world
- Build interdisciplinary skills through a project-based approach
- Become an adult learner using andragogy vs. pedagogy

Teacher Training for K-12 Education

- Gain access to hands-on learning activities for ELLs in the regular classrooms
- Explore project-based instructions for regular general education curricula 
- Learn how to deliver a general curriculum to ELL students 
- Incorporate academic social emotional strategies to build students' teaching capacity
- Learn how to become a mentor in the future
- Acquire powerful techniques to participate into real-world of education 

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